Suggestions for Coping in Noisy Restaurants

One of the most common hearing difficulties is the problem of hearing in noisy restaurants.

Actually, people with perfectly normal hearing complain about the noise levels in restaurants all the time—it’s the third most common complaint a restaurant manager hears!

Here are some suggestions for making dining out more enjoyable:

Choosing the restaurant. Some restaurants are actually designed to be noisy. Either avoid these places or don’t expect to carry on a conversation! Other restaurants are designed to absorb sound, with widely spaced tables and with fabrics and furniture that absorb sound.

Choosing the size of your group. Dining with two or three other people is much easier than dining with a large group. If you’re with a larger group (more than four people), concentrate on the person next to you or directly across the table from you.

Ordering your meal. Try to order from the menu or ask to see a written list of any special dishes. It can be very difficult to understand when the waiter or waitress quickly presents a long list of specials.

Bon apetit! 

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