Why Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

Many people believe that improving hearing in one ear will overcome all the problems of hearing loss.  This simply is not true.

Wearing one hearing aid will improve your hearing, especially in a quiet environment. However, in order to obtain the best hearing, especially in noisy situations, hearing in both ears is required. Here are some other advantages:

  1. Balanced two-ear hearing provides you with “three dimensional” hearing and helps you to separate sounds in the environment. This is especially important in noisy situations.
  2. The brain requires information from both ears in order to locate a sound’s source.  It is virtually impossible to tell the direction of a car horn or siren if your hearing is not balanced.
  3. Wearing two instruments reduces the fatigue and stress that can occur when you strain to hear with only one ear.
  4. If you use two hearing aids, you always have a “back-up” hearing aid when a repair is necessary.

If you wear only one hearing aid, call us to see how much you’ll benefit by wearing two.

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