Changing hearing aid batteries is a nuisance. Is there another option?

February 1, 2018 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

This offers you the convenience of placing your hearing aids into a charging unit at bedtime and receiving a full day of hearing aid use!

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I am going on a cruise. What should I pack to take care of my hearing aids?

January 1, 2018 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

You are wise to plan ahead, so you can focus on your vacation, instead of worrying about your hearing aids.

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My mother seems depressed during the holiday season. Could her bad hearing be part of the problem?

December 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

Often, people with untreated hearing loss start declining invitations and avoiding group gatherings and religious services.

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My ears make a lot of earwax. Is that a bad thing?

November 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

A small amount of earwax doesn’t mean your ears are dirty. Earwax only becomes a problem when it blocks the ear canal.

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Should I notify local emergency services that I have a hearing loss?

October 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

If you have a landline telephone, you may register with local authorities to let them know you have a hearing loss.

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If I am home alone, why should I bother using my hearing aids?

September 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

Full-time use provides your brain with consistent sound, which will contribute to your understanding of speech in a variety of listening situations.

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Do my hearing aids need special care during the summer months?

August 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

We recommend a professional cleaning in our office every 6-12 months. If you have any questions about hearing aid care, call us.

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I enjoy watching television with closed captioning. Is there anything like that for the telephone?

July 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

New technology offers options for better results on the telephone. A captioned telephone can be substituted for your landline phone.  Even if you don’t have a landline phone, if you have high speed internet access, you may use a special amplified phone called Caption Call. The Caption Call phone prints the words on a display screen, […]

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Are two hearing aids better than one?

June 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

You should discuss your hearing needs with your audiologist, to determine your best treatment plan. Generally, an individual with hearing loss in both ears will get the most benefit from using devices in both ears. Our brains depend on signals from both ears to tell the direction from which sound is coming, to understand in […]

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I use hands-free Bluetooth technology in my car to talk on the cell phone. Is that technology available in hearing aids?

May 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

Bluetooth connectivity to hearing aids has been available for several years, but you needed a body-worn device called a Streamer to relay the sound from a cell phone or other audio device to the hearing aids. Now, hearing instruments have built-in wireless Bluetooth technology, so you may stream sound from your mobile phone or other […]

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