Turn It Down: Berklee and Spotify Team Up To Save Our Ears

May 22, 2015 • In The News

The Berklee College of Music has teamed up with mobile music streaming app Spotify to encourage music fans to “turn down” the volume on their portable music. WBUR 90.9 radio discusses this innovative program. Read this story or listen to it by clicking play below:

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5 surprising things treating hearing loss says about you

May 5, 2015 • In The News, News

Are you brushing off a hearing problem because you’re afraid it might say the wrong thing about you?  Well think again. Research shows that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids enjoy a better overall quality of life. In fact, you just may be surprised—and inspired—by these five things that treating hearing loss says […]

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What are some signs of hearing loss?

May 1, 2015 • Ask the Audiologists, In The News

Because hearing loss often happens gradually over a long period of time, many people are unaware that their hearing has changed. Common signs of hearing loss include: Do these symptoms sound familiar? Check out our Quick Hearing Check Quiz, or better yet, schedule a hearing evaluation with one of our audiologists.

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My bridge partner obviously has trouble hearing, but she won’t do anything about it! How can I help her?

April 1, 2015 • Ask the Audiologists, In The News

Sometimes, the person with a hearing loss is “the last one to know.” Family members, friends and co-workers notice problems before the individual with the hearing loss does. This might be because hearing loss develops so gradually. Hearing loss often affects only some sounds, so while speech is loud enough, it might not be clear […]

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Why do you need an audiologist?

March 7, 2015 • Ask the Audiologists, In The News

An audiologist is a university-trained professional who specializes in prevention, identification and treatment of hearing loss. (more…)

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Ask the Audiologists… We Want to Know!

March 7, 2015 • Ask the Audiologists, In The News

Attention Hampden Hearing Center clients and clients-to-be… You’ll soon see this ad appear in the Springfield Republican and your town Reminder. As part of our on-going mission to provide the best hearing care available, we want to hear from you! If you or a loved one has hearing aids, or is experiencing any amount of […]

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It’s in the Bag!

September 15, 2014 • In The News

Living Local was founded in 2013 by local business owners that had a goal of providing a forum for other independent, locally owned businesses in Western Massachusetts to support each other and network our tagline: “Eat, Shop, Live”. Hampden Hearing Center is a proud member and we’ll be selling bags filled with special offers, discounts […]

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The Sound of Science: Hampden Hearing Center featured in Healthcare News

July 14, 2014 • In The News

HHCE’s Dr. Susan Bankoski Chunyk discusses the latest hearing technologies and the links hearing loss has to other medical conditions. Read the interview in the July 2014 issue of Healthcare News

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Address Hearing Loss in the Workplace and Reap the Rewards

June 14, 2014 • In The News

Addressing hearing loss on the job should be a workplace wellness priority, says the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), pointing out that in today’s service and knowledge-based economy, good communication is critical to business success for both the employer and the employee. BHI urges employers to include hearing tests and hearing health as part of their […]

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VIDEO: Oticon Alta testimonial – Carol & Arnie

January 11, 2014 • In The News, Videos

Recently retired from busy professional lives, Carol and Arnie Friedman are happily moving on to the next exciting phase of their lives.  (more…)

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