If I am home alone, why should I bother using my hearing aids?

September 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

Full-time use provides your brain with consistent sound, which will contribute to your understanding of speech in a variety of listening situations.

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What Every Hearing Aid User Should Know

August 6, 2017 • Newsletter, Summer 2017

Here are some things that every hearing aid user should know. Let our team know if you have questions!

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Do my hearing aids need special care during the summer months?

August 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

We recommend a professional cleaning in our office every 6-12 months. If you have any questions about hearing aid care, call us.

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Suggestions for Better Hearing

July 30, 2017 • Newsletter, Summer 2017

Here are some tips to help you hear as well as possible, as well as information about our privacy policy and our newsletter.

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Cochlear Implants: When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough

July 16, 2017 • Newsletter, Summer 2017

Unlike a hearing aid that amplifies sound so the inner ear is stimulated, a cochlear implant bypasses the inner ear.

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Hearing loss can signal cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, studies find

July 9, 2017 • In The News

Researchers have identified hearing loss, verbal fluency and hospitalization as new factors that can provide clues about cognitive health and aid in early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Spotting signs of cognitive decline is especially important, experts say, because drug treatments and prevention strategies are most effective at the earliest stages of dementia. Read […]

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You Can Hear Me When You Want To

July 2, 2017 • Newsletter, Summer 2017

If you have a hearing loss, you know that hearing and understanding often don’t happen automatically. You have to pay attention to hear as well as possible.

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I enjoy watching television with closed captioning. Is there anything like that for the telephone?

July 1, 2017 • Ask the Audiologists, Newsletter

New technology offers options for better results on the telephone. A captioned telephone can be substituted for your landline phone.  Even if you don’t have a landline phone, if you have high speed internet access, you may use a special amplified phone called Caption Call. The Caption Call phone prints the words on a display screen, […]

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Welcome Patients of Audiology and Hearing Services of Longmeadow

June 19, 2017 • News

Dear Friends, As you may know, Megan Schneider recently announced her retirement and the closing of her practice, Audiology and Hearing Services of Longmeadow. We offer congratulations to Meg and we wish her all the best as she begins this new chapter in her life. We are writing to introduce our practice to you. Hampden Hearing Center […]

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Your Ears: High Risk for Skin Cancer

June 17, 2017 • Newsletter, Summer 2017

Will you be getting some sun over the summer? If so, be careful. As small as our ears are, a third of all skin cancers occur on them.

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