2014 Newsletter Archive

Fall 2014

Hearing Care
We hope you’re enjoying our newsletter and finding the information useful. As you know, we call our newsletter Hearing HealthCare News. It’s not Hearing HealthCure News.

Celebrity Hearing Challenges
Many celebrities have talked about dealing with the hearing challenges of tinnitus or hearing loss, and how tinnitus treatment or hearing aids have helped them.

Hearing Aid Success in Adults
The results of several studies suggest that the most important factor contributing to successful hearing aid use is the positive support of family and friends.

An Invisible Problem with Hearing Loss
Understanding these four common characteristics of hearing loss may explain why it often goes undetected.

The Three Most Challenging Places for Hearing Loss
Can you guess the noisy places where people often complain about have difficulty hearing and understanding?

Summer 2014

Home Care for Your Hearing Aids
Mechanical problems can happen with hearing aids in warm weather, since moisture and extreme temperatures can damage the internal components.

Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life
Although it’s one of the most common problems in the over-50 age group, hearing loss often goes undetected and untreated. In fact, hearing loss is often present for several years before the person realizes it.

Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults
Hearing loss is one of the most common problems in adults (only arthritis and hypertension are more common). Several studies suggest that hearing loss is the most common untreated problem in men and women over 50 years of age.

Diabetes and Hearing Loss
Diabetes is a disease characterized by elevated blood glucose levels. People with diabetes often develop hypertension, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

Hearing Better or Hearing Easier? 
Hearing aids help us succeed at work and maintain active social lives. They even reduce the stress and frustration that hearing loss can cause at home.

Spring 2014

Hearing Aid Consumer Updates
CaptionCall telephone refund and a reintroduction of the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act.

Meniere’s Syndrome and Allergies
Meniere’s syndrome is an ear disorder characterized by hearing loss (often only in one ear), poor speech understanding, dizziness, nausea, and in some cases, tinnitus.

Can You Hear Your Smoke Alarm?
The typical smoke alarm produces a high-pitched tone, which is the pitch where most people with hearing loss have the greatest loss of hearing.

Hearing is the Essential Human Sense
It allows us to communicate with our family and friends, to share our ideas, our thoughts and our feelings. It is through our hearing that we learn how to speak, how to understand language, and how to read.

Take Good Care of Your Hearing
We recommend regular hearing health care check-ups to make sure that you’re hearing as well as possible.

Slow Down, You Talk Too Fast
When we see someone for a periodic hearing check-up, we often hear,”I think my hearing has gotten worse.”