2016 Newsletter Archive

Winter 2016

Don’t Miss Your Favorite Sounds
If you know someone whose life might be enriched by better hearing, please share your positive experience and encourage them to seek professional help.

The Loudest Sound in the World
The sound was so powerful that it ruptured the eardrums of sailors 40 miles away.

Hearing Aids as a Treatment for Tinnitus
About 20% of people with hearing loss have tinnitus and about 90% of patients with severe tinnitus have hearing loss.

Mercury-free Batteries
Every hearing aid needs a source of steady and dependable power. The source of that dependable power is the hearing aid battery.

Take Good Care of Your Hearing Aids
Use these common sense tips, and contact our office if you would like information about warranty and loss insurance for your hearing aids.

Spring 2016

Full-Time Use of Hearing Aids
If your hearing aids don’t seem to be helping as much as they used to, think about upgrading to newer technology.

When the World is Spinning: Dizziness and Falls
About 42% of adults will report dizziness to their doctor or audiologist at least once in their lifetime.

Do Loud Sounds Bother You?
Did you know that people with hearing loss are often more sensitive to loud sounds than people with normal hearing?

Dr. Mark Hammel’s Hearing Loss
I could hear well enough sitting face-to-face with someone in a quiet room, but in other settings I had no idea what they were saying.

About Your Favorite Television Show…
One of the hearing difficulties we often hear about is, “I have trouble understanding television.”

Summer 2016

Here’s the Latest from Our Office
On your next visit, meet our new Office Assistant Sharon, and pick up some Friends & Family Cards. If we get referral, you get a local business gift card!

The Shock of Sudden Hearing Loss
A sudden hearing loss can be caused by a build-up of ear wax or by ear pressure following an airplane flight, affecting about 1 in 10,000 people per year.

Important: Your Healthy Hearing Check-up
Your hearing deserves good care! Regular hearing health check-ups ensure that you’re hearing as well as possible.

Hear Better, Think Better
Research suggests that using hearing aids can minimize the risk of dementia. But do we really know that hearing aids can protect mental health?

The Good Hearing Partnership
Good hearing care is a partnership between you and us. It also involves your family, friends, and co-workers. But the most important partner is you.

Fall 2016

It’s All About Connections
Stay connected with us via this website, on Facebook, or with our “Ask the Audiologists” feature in local newspapers!

Hearing Aids: More Than Just Better Hearing
Reduced depression, increased social activity, improved sense of well-being, and decreased negative mental effects are among the benefits.

Newborn Babies and Hearing Development
Children who receive help by six months of age develop better speech and language skills.

Family Help for a Family Issue
Rather than speaking louder, the family member who encourages a loved one to seek professional help is taking the most effective step toward better hearing.

Why Does Hearing Loss Go Undetected?
There are good reasons why hearing loss goes undetected, at least by the person with the loss, often resulting in putting off help for several years.