2018 Newsletter Archive

Fall 2018

What Else Besides Hearing Aids? Other Sources of Help…
Assistive listening devices (ALDs) allow the listener to hear better and more easily because the sound is sent directly from the source to the listener.

When is it Time for New Hearing Aids?
With care and maintenance, most hearing aids last about five years. However, your decision to get new devices will depend on more than just age.

Presidential Hearing: From George Washington to George Bush
Many American presidents have dealt with hearing loss, including several who dealt with hearing loss before help was available.

Summer 2018

How Do We Hear? Anatomy of the Ear
Although it is the outer, middle and inner ear that allow us to detect sounds, it is our brain that allows us to process and understand their meaning.

Traveling This Summer?
Here are some suggestions for your trip.

Hearing Complaints from People with Normal Hearing
People find it hard to hear in restaurants—and that complaint is from people with normal hearing.

Your Ears: At Risk for Skin Cancer
Take special care to apply sunscreen to the complex structures and grooves of the ears. And be sure to include the back of your ear!

Do Older Adults Hear Differently?
As we get older, there are changes in our hearing independent of any loss of hearing sensitivity.

Spring 2018

Your Healthy Hearing Check-up
Regular hearing health check-ups are an important pare of good hearing health care.

Slow Down, You Talk Too Fast
Difficulty understanding rapid speech is one of the most common hearing complaints of older adults—including those with normal hearing.

Winter 2018

FAQ’s about Hearing and Hearing Aids
Let your ears and your brain develop the habit of hearing as well as possible full-time by using your hearing aids full-time.

Depression, Social Isolation, and Untreated Hearing Loss
A number of studies have found a relationship between untreated hearing loss and dementia.

Check Your Smoke Alarm
According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the typical smoke alarm fails to wake up almost half of those with hearing loss.

A Tale of Two Bridge Partners
The help available today for people with hearing loss is truly remarkable—but only if you seek it out.

How Can I Hear Better At Holiday Gatherings?
Conversation at group gatherings is often a challenge. Even people with good hearing can have difficulty understanding in background noise.