Hearing Aids

Hearing instruments are available in numerous styles and levels of technology. The vast majority of hearing aids fit today incorporate digital technology, with a variety of electronic features available in different price ranges. Our audiologists will help you select the hearing aids best suited to your hearing, lifestyle and budget.

We dispense hearing instruments from several manufacturers, including Oticon, Phonak, ReSoundWidex and Unitron. We offer a 30-day trial period with hearing aids, to allow you to experience how the instruments help you in “real world” listening situations.

Ask about our flexible financing options.

Custom Earmolds

Custom earmolds are manufactured from ear impressions of your ears. These earmolds can be made for swimming, noise protection, or use with hearing aids.

Batteries & Accessories

We carry a variety of hearing aid battery sizes and accessories for cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids.

Assistive Devices

We’ll work with you to help you obtain assistive devices, sometimes at free or reduced cost. Such devices include telephones, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (Co2) detectors.

The Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program (MassEDP) is a service that provides residents with a permanent disability access to the telephone network in their homes. By offering specialized telephones for free or at a reduced cost, depending on income, this program fosters independence, empowerment, and freedom of choice.

Phones and accessories that are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) will work with hearing aids that support the telephone switch feature. This is commonly known as the “T-switch” or “T-coil” that is built into the hearing aids. HAC products will only work with hearing aids that have a telephone switch.

People with hearing loss often have difficulty understanding on the telephone. Special hearing aid settings and amplified phones are helpful for many. For those who need even more, a revolutionary new device and service called CaptionCall® is now available to help you “read” your phone calls.