Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

We offer a comprehensive process to help improve and maintain your hearing.

The first step in the process toward better hearing is a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation. At your first visit, our audiologists will take a complete case history and perform the hearing test. The testing will determine if a hearing loss exists and if so, measure the degree and type of hearing loss. The hearing evaluation is a painless procedure completed in a sound-treated test booth. If test results suggest the need for a medical evaluation by a physician, our audiologists will refer you for a medical examination.

Our audiologists will review the test results with you and discuss the impact of the hearing loss on your lifestyle. We invite you to bring a family member or friend with you to the initial appointment, to help you remember all the information shared at this visit.

If a hearing loss has been identified, our audiologists will discuss options to improve communication. This might include a recommendation for hearing aids. We will discuss the most appropriate style for your hearing, taking into account the degree and type of hearing loss, your cosmetic preferences and your ability to use and care for the instruments.

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