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Learn about the comprehensive services we offer to improve your hearing and maintain your connection to the world!


Our services include baseline and annual hearing screening and annual educational training for employees exposed to high levels of occupational noise.


Hearing aids are available in numerous styles and technology options. Our audiologists will help you select the hearing aids best suited to your hearing, lifestyle and budget.

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Why are probe microphone measurements important?

Since every ear canal has a unique shape, size and angle, the best way to optimize the settings for an individual is to physically measure the sound in the ear canal.
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Are hearing aids covered under my Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account?

Yes, hearing aid purchases are eligible expenses under FSAs and HSAs. Keep in mind that the process for a hearing aid fitting can take several weeks, since you will need a current hearing evaluation prior to receiving the hearing aids.
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We offer comprehensive hearing care

Complete diagnostic evaluations

Fittings, maintenance, cleaning, and more

Ear plugs, batteries, assistive devices

Personalized care is what sets Hampden Hearing Center apart. When you visit us, you can expect to receive top notch care. Our expert audiologists and caring staff provide you with an exceptional experience.


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Fees & Insurance

For the convenience of our patients, we provide direct insurance billing to many insurance providers, as permitted by the individual policy.


  • The personnel in the the front office are very courteous and friendly. They always have a smile on their faces. My audiologist Susan was very knowledgeable and explained my hearing issues to me and my spouse, which was very important to me. She gave me all options for my hearing aids. I've been seeing Susan for over 10 years for my hearing. I can't say enough about her. She's a good person to talk with and great at getting the info I need for my hearing. Overall just a pleasant business to go to.
    Ronald C.
  • I've been with Hampden Hearing Center since 1981 and truly enjoy the staff and personalized service that I receive.
    Al M.
  • Having never heard of an audiologist before, I was very impressed. And for the first time had a true hearing test.
    Anne L.
  • Spent necessary time to evaluate my condition. Sold me an excellent hearing aid and will provide me with ongoing service and help.
    John H.
  • Excellent service! Thank you!
    Vera M.
  • Professionalism, compassion, and extreme patience!
    Karen F.
  • Very, very professional. Dr. Chunyk was my doctor and did a fantastic job!
    Gilbert V.
  • Dr. Garcia was incredibly kind and patient with my 93-year-old mother. She is thorough, professional, and very knowledgeable with regard to the latest technology offered to those with hearing impairments. I would definitely recommend Hampden Hearing Center!
  • Genuinely kind and caring whether over the phone or in person. You never feel rushed off the phone or out of the office. I loved the time with Dr. Garcia. I could talk with her all day.
    Dina D.
  • I found that everyone was so friendly. The professionalism was outstanding.
    Jim T.
  • Excellent service, excellent facility, and excellent care which goes above and beyond standards of care. I travel more than one hour to Hampden Hearing Center since it was originally started, and would not go anywhere else for my hearing aids. I am always actively involved in my care, treated with dignity and respect. A terrific center all around.
    Margo M.
  • Very professional, up-to-date audio equipment. Dr. Chunyk is excellent, easy to talk to and takes the time with you explaining the various options and use of hearing aids. Highly recommend!
    Martin F.
  • Precise explanation and demonstration of hearing aids, cleaning, changing the components, increasing sounds as needed. Office staff are extremely helpful.
    Marlene B.
  • Very informative, friendly staff. Not pressured to buy hearing aids. Given trial period to try hearing aids is a plus. Very satisfied and will recommend to friends and family.
    Angie S.
  • Explained everything and demonstrated regular service in between as needed appointments. Kept on time. Personal and caring.
    Mary K.
  • They explained everything and demonstrated regular service in appointments. Personal and caring.
    Mark K.
  • There was no pressure in this office – it is very low key! A patient is allowed to take hearing aids home to try out and they try very hard to match needs to requirements. I needed hearing aids that would fit under a ski helmet. They helped me find aids for me, as it's very important for safety to hear skiers on both sides! What a change to hear conversations on the chair lift!!!
    Carol C.
  • I like the personal and relaxing atmosphere of your doctors and your office staff. I am extremely satisfied with my choice of Dr. Garcia.
    Ida T.
  • They took time to explain how to use the hearing aids. Very thorough with the evaluation!
    Joan S.
  • Very professional, friendly. Explained everything in detail from the testing to the fitting of the hearing aids. Jennifer was patient and provided trial hearing aids to try at home, several different times. Overall a great experience.
    Karen K.
  • I appreciated trying out hearing aids to compare the most expensive to the lower price. Also your honesty.
    Mike E.
  • Very attentive, never felt rushed. Staff are always cheerful and willing to make adjustments for customer's satisfaction, no matter how many times it takes.
  • I wasn't rushed. Dr. Chunyk took time to explain options and replaced my hearing aids. She explained all the new features. It's always a pleasure to go there.
    Maurice D.
  • Delivered great information and provided a much needed "cure" for my hearing loss.
    Janet R.
  • You really care about us as more than a patient! Great result, thanks a bunch!
    Dick B.
  • The staff explains things clearly and is available in case I run into any unexpected problems. They even helped arrange an interest-free payment program!
    Claire F.
  • Friendly attitudes towards their patients. Expertise and knowledge by the doctor performing the examination.
    Errol H.
  • Very professional. Very good with elderly patients.
  • Dr. Chunyk was very thorough and considerate. She was anxious for me to know how to care for and use my hearing aid. She also told me to call her for any questions in the future.
  • Dr. Garcia was extraordinarily patient and compassionate in working with my mother, who suffers from dementia and is extremely resistant to change, even when it is likely to be of benefit.
    Kimberly Q.
  • Being so pleasant and upright about everything. I plan on referring people if they are in need of hearing aids.
    Anne H.
  • They take personalized service to a whole new level. From the front desk when you walk in until you leave! The audiologists truly care about providing their patients with their knowledge and experience about what's best for you and with the top of the line products, if that's what is needed to improve your hearing. I've been going to this office for close to 18 years!
    Judy S.
  • Clearly explained procedures and answered questions. Was efficient with testing time, but didn't rush.
    Susan S.
  • Spent ample time with me. You were very patient, explaining my test results and giving me excellent instruction on how to use my hearing aids.
    Virginia B.
  • Genuine and sincere friendliness — both of Dr. Chunyk and staff. Obvious high level of competence.
    Fran R.
  • Acted like professionals who knew what they are doing.
    Gary D.
  • Office staff is warm and welcoming. Jennifer is patient, thorough, and professional. I referred two friends already!
    Laurie S.
  • Friendly, professional, explained things clearly. Dr. Garcia clearly enjoys and takes pride in doing an excellent job.
    Ken J.
  • Very thorough, explained various pricing options, and helped me with my insurance. Pleased to be hearing much better and my tinnitus has improved a little.
    Maria G.
  • Took time to listen to my hearing difficulties. Explained the testing clearly, making me feel I understood was I was supposed to do. My new hearing aid has made a huge difference in my everyday life.
    Diane P.
  • Very knowledgeable and spent time teaching how to use hearing aids and link them to my phone.
    Marta S.
  • Overall, an exceptionally professional and comfortable experience. My hearing deficiencies were accurately diagnosed and high quality hearing aids were supplied that were specifically designed to meet my needs. The entire staff is friendly, professional, and caring. I highly recommend this business.
    Walter N.
  • You took plenty of time and we so patient explaining and demonstrating the use of the hearing aids. You made me feel very comfortable asking you questions. It is reassuring to know that I can call when needing help.
    Rosemarie M.
  • Genuinely valued my business and me as a customer. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Took time to explain everything. Gave options, didn't pressure to choose highest option. Thorough exam. I'm glad I chose them!
    Ann B.
  • Patience. Knowledge. Expertise. Friendliness.
    Robert P.
  • Really listened and answered my questions. Also, coming along with an elderly relative I experienced extra care and patience staff showed for her.
    Susan S.
  • Very professional, did not pressure me to buy hearing aids. Explained everything in detail.
    Joseph F.
  • Took the time necessary to test and explain my hearing situation. Very thorough.
    Joe D.
  • You explained everything so well and I will continue to use them everyday as they sure help! I will call if I need help. Thank you!
    Rosemary R.
  • Everything, everyone, doctor and staff were lovely. Not only were you the most patient and thorough, the time you allotted me, made me feel like I was your only concern. You explained everything in very understandable terms, even took care of insurance and financing for me. I felt like I made a new best friend in Dr. Chunyk the first we met!
    Grace B.
  • Treatment was very professional. Everything was explained thoroughly. I was given information I was not aware of. I was extremely happy with my visit.
    Doris L.
  • Paid careful attention to my long, complex medical history, explaining my options in detail in such a caring manner causing personal level sharing.
    Lawrence H.
  • After Mercy Hearing Center closed, I chose Hampden Hearing Center. Dr. Garcia was so gracious and professional. I'm very pleased  I chose Hampden Hearing.
    Diane B.
  • You made me feel welcome and comfortable and acted with the highest level of professionalism.
  • Just friendly and knowledgable.
  • Clear precise information in all areas and always very pleasant.
    Jay H.
  • The examiner took all the time required to test my hearing, adjust old hearing aids, recommend new for the future. Did not rush, but kept me informed in all manners. Dr. Garcia to be commended on a job well done as well as the follow-up exam.
    Aurore L.
  • Dr. Garcia was professional, attentive, able to answer all my questions. I appreciate her expertise. I can't find any fault at all. Very pleased.
    Josephine V.
  • You were very professional and friendly. In addition you were very patient in trying to resolve the problems that I was having adjusting to the discomfort of hearing aids. Much appreciated!
    David M.
  • Knowledgable, friendly atmosphere.
    Anthony F.
  • Great exam, great staff. Good pricing and selection to choose from in hearing aids. Great service always!
  • Providing copy and summary of evaluation with explanation and recommendations. Testing is a comfortable and individualized experience. All issues covered well in exam!
    David M.
  • I have heard birds, crickets, traffic, wind, rain, trains in the distance, clocks, and most of all, conversations that I haven't been able to hear for quite some time. Thank you for opening up a new world to me. New technology is amazing.
    Jean B.
  • Knowledge and approach. Completely explained all aspects of testing and did it with a smile and understanding.
    David M.
  • Susan is always ready to help me!
    Evelyn B.